Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cousin Love!

Haley has made a "Pre-Marital Bucket List".
She has already checked off the list...skydiving and a trip to Hawaii.
Visiting Washington DC was also on the list and conveniently cousin Kimberly is living there!

Haley and friend Courtney packed their bags and headed East!
It was a bit chilly, but that didn't stop them from having a ton of fun!
 Haley and Kimberly on top of the Kennedy Center

A quick jog to Arlington Cemetery

 In front of Kimberly's cute house on the way to church

 Meeting up with 2nd cousin Eric who is also living in DC and in the same ward as Kimberly

 checking out DC Cupcakes

 World War I Memorial

 Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

 All of the phones died, so Kimberly came to the rescue with her Mac Laptop

 Courtney and Haley at the Lincoln Memorial
(Rocking the skinny jeans and Nike tourists!)

 Kimberly has friends in high places, so she lined up a tour of the FBI, 
which is not open to the public.

on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial overlooking the Washington Monument

Next to check off the bucket list....MISSION!!!!!!

Cassidy has been having withdrawls from cousins Katie and Abbey,
so over President's Day, she made a quick trip up to Provo
 on the new route by Allegant Air.
 Abbey, Cassidy and Katie

Enjoying late night non-alcoholic bubbly at Spark

  Dinner with old friend Taylor

 Fun friend Parker who will soon be serving in the Tempe Arizona Mission

 One of the highlights of the trip was meeting up with
some of the Toro missionaries that are currently in the MTC!
Great kids doing great things!

 Cassidy with cousin/friend Elder Olson just a few weeks before he is off to Sweden

Good Times with Best Friends and Cousins!

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