Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Dinners

I have mostly fond memories of choir in Junior High and High School.

I shudder when I reflect upon the solos that I had to sing for my grade...
("You Light Up My Life" and "Superstar" by the Carpenters haunt my memory!)
the frumpy outfits that we were required to wear,
and the insecurities I felt having to learn new choreography.

I loved learning new songs, singing Christmas carols,
performing in the Nutcracker at ASU 's Gammage Auditorium,
and getting goosebumps as we sang the National Anthem 
or Battle Hymn of the Republic at graduation.

My girls played in the orchestra, so there was no room 
in their academic schedule for another music class.
So, without any competition from a violin or trumpet,
 I convinced my boys that the best way to complete their Fine Arts credit
 was to participate in choir.

I am in heaven...
the tuxes, the concerts, and this year, for the first time the Holiday Dinners!


 I got goosebumps all over again, 
but this time it was being surrounded by hundreds of high school students singing 
"STILL, STILL, STILL" and Bennett was one of those cute singers!

 We loved sharing a table with Kent and Heather, Roc and Sydney and Grandpa and Grandma

Thanks, Bennett for humoring your Mother
and "Lighting Up My Life"!
You are a "Superstar" in my little choir bubble!

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