Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Happenings

 Just a few random activities...
some definitely more memorable than others!
Sneaky photo credit to Curt...
 I had to have a tooth extracted.  Long story, ugly picture.
I am officially old!

 Brett, Tia and Landon visited Great Grandpa Breinholt
and took him his favorite treat...a Sonic chocolate shake.
(He is Landon's Great-Great Grandpa!  So glad they got a picture!)

 Had fun with my 8-9 year old Activity Day girls 
seeing the Christmas displays at the Temple

 Cassidy and friends attended an ugly sweater party

 Each of my children, except Bennett,
 had Mrs. Claypool for a 1st or 2nd grade teacher at Hawthorne.
Katie, Cassidy, Maddi, Lauren, Parker and Carie were able to attend her retirement party.
Mrs. Lopez is a wonderful aide and all the kids know and love her, too!
Mrs. Claypool and Mrs Lopez even attended Tia's wedding reception last year!
We love them and are so grateful for their influence in each of our children's lives!

 Haley was happily reunited with her high school girlfriends!
Four of the above have their mission calls:
Peru, Dominican Republic, Richmond Virginia Spanish speaking 
and Washington DC Visitor's Center.
All are reporting early this spring and there might even be more calls coming!

 Haley's Christmas work outfit

Landon found his thumb!

Curt found this jeep!
(We are not keeping it!)

 The kids are all having fun learning to drive a stick shift.
Curt and I even took it for a spin last night, all bundled up with hot chocolate in hand,
 looking at Christmas lights!

Finals are over and life is good!
Three days until Christmas and I think we might be ready!

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