Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Bunch of Birthdays!

 'Tis the season that we celebrate birthdays at the Brown house.

Clark (in August) and Cassidy (mid November) each got their own birthday posts 
because they were lucky enough to not get caught in the family birthday crunch!
 Curt turned 49 and requested spice cake

 Bennett was well taken care of by the freshman girls!
A Heart attack and TP'd were the night's adventures.

 Bennett's request for his 15th birthday was banana cream pie

 He loved collecting all his free birthday food!

 Bennett and his "money tree"

 Haley worked on her 20th birthday and was spoiled by the office staff.

 She came home to vanilla frosted white cupcakes and a camera for her mission

Her happy birthday hug from this crazy huge dog!

 Cassidy and I joined Tia for her 23rd birthday celebration at Liberty Market

Landon got in on the fun and was such a good baby!

And to top it all off...I turned 48 and was gifted these yummy cupcakes!

We are all another year older, and hopefully wiser, too!
Happy Birthday to Us!

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