Thursday, August 9, 2012

Throw Back Thursday...1st Day of School

It is sometimes hard to remember the days that I was home
from sun up to sun down with 5 little kids.
Other moms used to tell me to enjoy the time because they would soon be grown up.
I didn't believe them.  
I could not imagine the day that all my kids would be in school and I would be FREE!
But, just like that...they are all growing up! 

 Tia 1st Grade-1996

 Kimberly and Tia

 Now, Tia is a college graduate with a diploma to prove it...
and a soon to be mama with a baby of her own!

 Haley Kindergarten - 1998

 Now she's a girl with some serious orthodontic skills,
working part-time and attending MCC full-time
 chipping away at the pre-requisites for the dental hygiene program.

 Cassidy Kindergarten - 1999

 Cassidy and Katie

 Their first day of college-Summer Term at BYU,  June 2012.
Cassidy will be home to attend ASU in the fall majoring in nursing. 
 Katie will be back to BYU.
Not sure how these two are going to go to school without each other...
this will be the first time in their lives that they will not be attending the same school!
(I just shed a tear!)

 Clark Kindergarten-2001

 Rachael, Clark, Carie, Maddie and Bennett-Kindergarten Picture Day

Now Clark is a Junior at Mountain View.
A-hour starts bright and early at 6:45 am lifting weights.
No picture in his cute new is the football uniform every morning!

 Bennett Kindergarten-2003

 My baby is a Freshman at Mountain View!
He starts his morning at 5:30am at swim practice at Kino,
rushes home to shower and change and is off to A-hour with Clark.
These boys put in 12 hour days with football and swim practices each morning and afternoon
AND it was only 116 degrees yesterday!

Now it is just me and Echo...
and it is far too quiet!


Barbie said...

Fantastic pictures. I have never seen that one with Rachael and the gang in kindergarten. Thanks for posting. It truly has flown by. But lucky for me I still have a 7 year old. :)

Dawn said...

I have a cute photo of you and Curt at Courtney's reception. I would love to share it with you guys if you'll email me at!