Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Primary Depot

We had our first Stake Primary Leadership Meeting tonight as a new Presidency.

I think it is safe to say that we are all very relieved to have it behind us.

A HUGE THANK YOU to an incredible hubby and his firm, VELOCITY DESIGN for the awesome inviations and programs!

The crew: Kathy (Music), Me (Secretary), Sherie (1st), Amy (2nd), Denise (President)

We used caution tape, tool boxes, power tools, and our "caution eternal family under construction" signs as our props and decor.

We introduced the new Primary theme: "My Eternal Family".

We had some darling Primary girls sing the new song "My Eternal Family" and Sherie made a cute video with kids depicting the words of the song to the music.

Since we are each a part of "an eternal family under construction", we spoke on the building blocks necessary to build an eternal family.

I loved meeting the ward secretaries. I was surprised that after living in this stake FOREVER, that I only knew two of the eight secretaries.

Next big assignments: Stake Baptism Fireside and Ward Conferences!

PS: Not only was Curt amazing at helping me, but Tia SAVED MY LIFE!
She made Pumpkin Cookies for the dessert, helped sew the aprons, and put the finishing touches on my handout to the Secretaries. I LOVE HER!


clark family said...

What a great evening! I love the theme and the aprons were the perfect finishing touch!

Ruthann said...

I am so impressed with all the great and fun details!

The Brown Family said...

Wow! Who is the creative one? I am soooo impressed!!!!!!

Unknown said...

That is the cutest theme!!! I did something like that for new beginnings once (well a construction theme - my hubby helped with that too) But this was way cuter! What a great idea! We may have to steal it over here on the other side of town!
Hope your appliances all behave themselves this week!

Elizabeth said...

Ok, no one told me you were called as Stake secretary?! Either I have a terrible memory or I am out of the loop! That was a darling idea by the way. Make sure you save it! Not that I will ever be putting on any stake meeting, but its too cute of an idea not to save!

Jen Olson Brown said...

How fun! How great to have a daughter BOTH able and willing to help! Go Tia!