Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am Grateful For...

I love 7th grade English teachers that require your children to dig deep and express their feelings. 

I am grateful for:

American Soldiers and the freedoms they fight for me to enjoy,
delicious tasting food, that gratifies my stomach,
infants that bring happiness to my life,
my family that encourages me to do what is right,
the beautiful sights of nature, and the peace it brings,
my education because it keeps me "on the ball",
sports, their intensity, and the discipline I learn,
books that launch me in a whole different world,
friends that light up my life,
teachers that fill me with knowledge,
cinnamon rolls that bring a shock to my taste buds,
a house that comforts me,
pictures that bring back memories of my family and me,
ice cream that sends a cold flavorful rush down my throat,
and holidays that help my family and I grow closer together.


Unknown said...

Wow! That is a great poem. We may just have to read that at our Thanksgiving dinner, with his permission. (we can say we know the author!)
We are thankful for all of you!
Love ya
PS thanks for your sweet comments

Jen Olson Brown said...

Wow! This is incredible that a child wrote this! I bet you are so proud Mom! This would be a great letter to The Friend Magazine!