Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yes! on 102

This sign appeared in our yard on Monday. As the kids came home from their various activities that afternoon, their curiosity was peaked and it was the perfect lead in to our already planned topic for FHE.

Prop 102 "Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state"

Several weeks ago, when the buzz about this proposition was at its peak, I was the one saying, "what's the big doesn't affect me...why is the church deciding to take such a stand on this particular issue?". I guess I am just a little slow, but after discussing it with Curt and others, I gradually began to get it. It wasn't until I read this press release from the church's website, that I really understood why we need to take a stand and to be vocal about it. We had a great discussion with all the kids about this article and the upcoming vote on November 4th.

Just this afternoon, I was called to help as a volunteer in this effort. I am to contact the members of our ward that live on my street and make sure they are registered to vote and to encourage them to vote by early ballot.

If you live in Arizona, Vote Yes on 102 on November 4th!

(I am Alison Brown and I approve this message!)


Elizabeth said...

Way to go Alison! I think its great you are taking a stand. I would vote "yes" if I could. Good luck! I didn't realize this was being voted on in AZ. Keep us posted

Jo Dee said...

I am voting Yes!