Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Best Fish in the Sea!

Haley is running for Sophomore Class Spirit Commissioner at Mountain View. Her theme is "The Best Fish in the Sea! For her speech she rapped/sang some "fishy ditty" that we desperately put together (Uncle David also helped to fine tune it! THANK YOU!) She wore huge snorkeling goggles (her 1 allowed prop) during her speech, and was mortified to discover that one of the other girls she is running against also wore goggles! What are the chances? Haley said she was just glad that she was first. The speeches were taped last week and posters and fliers were made over the weekend. Tia was a dear and went early to school with Haley to hang up all her posters and fliers. Today she shamelessly (Curt's words) decked herself in the Mt. View red and blue and wore some of her fliers around her neck and pinned on her backpack. We had to decline her request to pin one on her fanny! The speeches will be viewed tomorrow during first hour and hopefully by the end of the school day we will know the results. Stay tuned...

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Elizabeth said...

Go Haley! Never be ashamed at self promotion! Good luck and keep us posted on the outcome.
P.S. I am sure you looked much cuter in the goggles than the other girl!