Friday, July 25, 2008

In Memory of Ezra T. Clark December 3, 1914-July 19, 2008

I was so grateful that we were able to all attend Grandpa Clark's funeral in Salt Lake City. (Unfortunately, Cassidy missed being with us due to Cheer Camp). The family met prior to the public viewing to pay our last respects to Grandpa. Uncle Jim gave a beautiful family prayer and the casket was closed. The public viewing prior to the funeral was well-attended and it was fun to visit with relatives as well as meet new ones. It was a funeral different from any other. Held in the mortuary, there were no religious hymns or music. No scriptures or testimonies. Jane and ET gave the prayers. Dad conducted and then each of Grandpa's six children gave some remarks and memories of Grandpa. After the funeral, we drove to Bountiful for the dedication of the grave, which was performed by Uncle Mark. We took pictures, tried to stay cool, and then returned to Salt Lake for a light luncheon. It was amazing that all of our family was in attendance except for Cassidy, Katie, Samantha, Max, Natalie and Cash. What a blessing for my children to have known their Great Grandpa Ezra T. Clark.

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