Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Agony and the Ecstasy

My kids tease me that every vacation we go on I always want to rent bikes. I never ride a bike at home, but for some reason if you get me out of my element, it sounds like a fun idea! Instead of renting, we were able to borrow bikes from the Snows and Esteses. We tied them onto the bike rack and off we were for some great family bonding. We tightened our helmets, adjusted the seats, grabbed the water bottles and we headed up Provo Canyon. No problem Haley thought until we were 5 minutes into the ride. Her booty was already sore! I knew then it was going to be a long ride! Two miles into it, Tia was done! So much for the Triathalon Sprint she was going to start training for! Even I began to wonder what I had gotten us in to when my head started spinning and hues of gray and black begin flashing before my eyes. It must be the altitude! Under duress from the men, we pedaled forward. After 3 1/2 miles, the trail was blocked off. "No riders beyond this point!" It was an answer to prayer. Due to a fire on the mountain we were stopped. The men were so disappointed, the girls relieved. At least we didn't quit, we were forced to quit. The ride back down was a breeze! The pictures show the true emotion of the outing!

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