Friday, July 20, 2012

Daddy Day Care

Boys need to be busy!
Clark and Bennett are usually home from football and swim by 10am each morning.
Their afternoons were just begging to be filled with some hard work!

Curt has been having them come down to his office/yard and he has kept them busy!
The best part of it is....they aren't getting paid and they LOVE IT!
They are both intrigued with the way a business runs and have learned a lot.
They have gone through the office attic, 
cleaned out repossessed vehicles,
sorted through scrap metal, listed items on Ebay and Craigslist and
Clark will often help drive vehicles to the auctions.

The deal is...whatever junk they can sell, the money is theirs!  And guess what?
They are making just enough to keep them happy!
Clark spends his money on food...his latest obsession is ribs from Charleston's
and Bennett spends his on more junk.  He bought a go-ped off of Craigslist.

They are a "chip off the old block" (more Curt than me!) 
and it has been great for them to spend time with their Dad!

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