Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Hangover

Last night was THE night...
the long awaited and much anticipated release of

Bennett went to the 7pm showing, Cassidy to the 8pm,
and Haley to the midnight showing.
Clark opted to stay home and sleep,
but the rest of us are feeling the effects of a later than usual night.

We had a great response to our T-shirts!  We sold!
Thanks to all those who bought them and wore them!

 Cassidy and Sydney...Katniss wanna-be's!

Katie, Cassidy and Ally

They all had a great time in packed theatres with their friends
and LOVED the movie!

My plan is to see it in a couple of weeks at the I-pic!
Comfortably relaxed in my reclining chair and popcorn on demand!

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Marilyn said...

Those shirts look great! Andrew just finished the books for the first and me the second time so we want to see the movie when it calms down. So glad most of the reviews are positive.