Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving this year was with the Brown's.

Clark started the morning running the 10K Turkey Trot.
(sorry, no pics)

Grandma Charlene and Mel were awesome hosts!
 The food never disappoints!
Curt claimed himself the winner of the "Mashed Potatoes War"!

 Brett & Tia

 Great Grandpa Breinholt could not wait to get his food!
He was eating before we even got him pushed up to the table.

Clark not really appreciating my picture taking!

 The cute teenage girls!

 Curt, Celeste, Matt, Dan & Courtney

 Ally, Kinzie, and Madison

 Just a few of the adorable GREAT GRANDKIDS!

 The fabulous host and hostess!
These two are amazing...Grandma had just had a round of chemo a few days before Thanksgiving.
She looked wonderful and when I asked her how she was feeling,
she said "a little bit awesome".
Although not feeling well, she insisted on having Thanksgiving and Mel is always so supportive
of Grandma and our entire family!
We love them both!

 Celeste and Bennett plotting their strategy for the Black Friday shopping!
They scored some great deals at Walmart during the wee morning hours.

the turkey coma

Yummy, yummy pie!

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