Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Toro Tuff!

In July, Clark and all the other football players,
were required to attend "Toro Camp" in Williams
 for an intensive week of training and conditioning.
(Clark is in the center in blue)

There was a lot of running...
"Toro Hill"  is notorious for its steep, steady
and unrelentless climb.

Practices were held all day and well into the evening
with only a few breaks for meals.

Clark getting to know the new Varsity Head Coach

Misery loves company!
Good thing there were a lot of friends at Camp, too!
Chase and Clark

Getting some extra help for his back from the trainer

All that hard work and practice finally paid off.
Game Day--September 1st
Heat advisories had been in effect all week.
Game time temp was brutal...
and that is without pads and helmet!

#31 again
same as last year for football and basketball

Being congratulated for making the first
 Toro touch down of the season!
(MV beat Desert Ridge 28 to 20)

Cassidy does a great job of multi-tasking...
Spanish homework as she watches the game.

After the game celebration with friends

Thanks to all those who braved the heat
to come cheer on Clark and the Toros!
(Thanks also to David, Robin & Tia who came but weren't in the picture)
Go Toros!

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clark family said...

Wish we could have been there! Save us a seat next week!