Monday, August 8, 2011

The Dog Whisperer

Bennett LOVES animals, especially dogs!
(I do not!)

He knows all the dogs in the neighborhood
 by name and where they live.

A while back he made up flyers to distribute to friends
informing them of his availability to walk and care for
their dogs when they are out of town.

He has loved taking care of Oreo, Red Dog, Sundance, and Zeus.

Several weeks ago, our neighbors, Bill and Rhonda,
requested Bennett's services.
They were both undergoing knee replacement surgeries
 within a month of each other
 and needed someone to walk Winston several miles a day.

Bennett was the guy!

He dutifully walked Winston each morning and evening.
Some days he would run with him,
 other days he would lace up his rollerblades,
and occasionally Winston would cop an attitude
 and refuse exercise of any kind!

Not only did Bennett make some extra money,
but he also talked to Rhonda about the church
 and invited her to take the discussions
from the missionaries at our home.
Although, she respectfully declined,
 it was a great experience for Bennett.

He is now saving his hard earned money to buy some stocks!

Bennett and Winston

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Unknown said...

I love the fact he is going to buy sticks. I need to start doing that.