Friday, October 9, 2009

This Week

Tia decided that she missed her long hair, so she grew it out overnight!

OK...she got extensions and she feels like her old self again!

Cassidy asked Michael to Winter Formal and is counting down the days until she is 16!

More football (and it does not seem to be getting any cooler around here!)
It has been a miserable season...not just because the team has a losing record, but because it is so darn hot still!

I have neglected to mention that 4 months ago, Uncle Carson gifted Bennett with 4 baby chicks ( 1 has since died) and they are now CHICKENS! Bennett is a very diligent and loving caregiver and spends hours with them playing and hunting for roaches. Tucker, Leeroy (yes, it's spelled with 2 e's says Bennett), and Tike with friends Vance and Tanner. I have tried many a bribe to get rid of these "fowl friends", but Bennett cannot be bought! I am resigned to soon having fresh eggs.


Ruthann said...

I seriously can't believe you have chickens! Get that boy a dog--just kidding!

Jen Olson Brown said...

Just spreading the love one family at a time! j/k