Thursday, October 15, 2009


Several years ago we bought a year pass to Disneyland and took the kids four times during that year. Those were the days, when on a whim, we could take the kids out of school with no worries of missed work or tests. It really was so much fun and the kids still talk about those memorable times. Bennett was probably only four years old at the time and since then, I think we have only been back to Disneyland once. So, in an effort to give our youngest the full Disney experience, we decided to spend part of our October Break at the "happiest place on earth".
The kids loved exploring the park with all their friends and cousins. It was a sense of freedom they don't often experience. Each group had a cell phone, but they only seemed to call when they got hungry and needed money!Thunder Mountain...
We are proud to say that Clark broke through all the fear barriers and went on every scary ride. His one lone hold out is Tower of Terror which he still refuses to ride, but California Screamin', Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain are now in his blood!

Curt and I spent most of our time watching the countdown to California Screamin'
and laughing at the funny faces of those that were on the ride.

Haley and Bennett on Maliboomer...

It was Katie's birthday, so we invited her to tag along and keep Tia company...

one of the teenage groups...Cassidy, Katie, Dallin and Nick...

All the "crazies" who rode California Screamin' over and over and over again.
This was by far Bennett's favorite ride and he would get in the "single rider" line with no fear of the total stranger he might have to sit by.

Curt and Bennett in the very front of California Screamin'!
We had a great time with awesome friends and cousins!

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Jen Olson Brown said...

Such cute pics! I might have to use one or two when I write about our trip! Thanks so much for making all the arrangements! It made our job so much easier and it was awesome!! Thanks for hanging out with us and letting my parents' fam crash the party. Yay Disneyland! (And can I say Curt is a grandpa Chuck 2 in that picture- Chuck's younger years of course.)