Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cassidy's Wonderful Week

On Sunday, Cassidy received her Young Woman's Medallion.

Cassidy has the wonderful gift of being able to take a big project and break it down in order to accomplish it.

This makes my job soooo easy!
No nagging, no reminding...most of the time I don't even know what she is up to.

She does this with school, church, and student council.
(not so much piano, she just chooses to ignore that one!)

She is also sporting the Poston Girl's Track Shirt.
They went undefeated this year!
Go Panthers!

This year in Biology, Cassidy's two lab partners are both boys.
She has taken great care of them throughout the year, making sure they know what they are supposed to be doing, fetching their supplies, and making sure their assignments are complete.

In honor of all she does, they gifted her with a "Mother's Day" gift:
toilet bowl cleaner, rolling pin, wooden spoons, sponge, rubber cleaning gloves and control top panty hose (my favorite!).

She also received the "Mom Award" at the Cheer Banquet for always taking such great care of the other cheer leaders.

I hope these acknowledgements are compliments :)!

And since every "mom" needs to know how to drive, Cassidy got her Driver's Permit today!
I now have 3 teenage drivers! Yikes!
Keep up the great work, Cass! You make us proud!


Jen Olson Brown said...

Yay! Congrats to Cass on getting her permit and of coarse they are compliments! Cassidy is a gem and its great hearing how she is implementing her talent to help all those around her! She will be an outrageously amazing mother someday (far away) and its awesome she is already getting awards!

Elizabeth said...

Of course they are compliments! Those boys know they needed Cassidy! Congrats to Cassidy!!

clark family said...

What a week Cassidy! Katie can't wait to go on a drive with you!

Suz said...

Cass is a "mini me" of her own mother... Seriously! She is definately a go getter! And soooo good at it.
But I have to say... that is hillarious that the biology folk gave her that gift! I'm laughing.

Jen Olson Brown said...

Cassidy looks so much like Hayley in the top photo! What beauties!