Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mesa City Track Meet

Oh, how I wish I was a photographer, or even tech savvy enough to know how to put the video of this race on my blog...but since I am neither, these pictures will have to tell the story.

Clark qualified to participate in the Mesa City Boys Track Meet last week.
It was for just 7th and 8th grade boys.
Clark chose to run the 400 (once around the track)

Here he is walking to the starting blocks. He refuses to look at me!
Here he is in the middle of the pack...(Clark is 3rd from the left)

Coming up on the guy in the lead...

Blowing past everyone and finishing all alone...and in 1st Place!

With his blue ribbon and a time of 1:03, yes that's one minute, three seconds!
(First place in his heat and also overall!)
It was such a great race and Clark was smart enough to know to just run his own pace.
He wasn't distracted by the guys that sprinted the first 100 yards, only to burn out.
He kept a steady pace and was able to kick it in high gear the last 100 yards.
I keep reminding Curt that he could have possibly inherited his quickness from me!
Clark also ran the 200 and finished 1st. Sorry, no pictures!
He is new goal is to break 6 minutes in the mile. Yesterday he ran a 6:02 mile.
You're almost there, Clark!


Ruthann said...

Holy cow! Keep up the great work Clark--very impressive.

Jen Olson Brown said...

That is awesome! I share in your pride and am impressed he knew to stay at his own pace. Is that a school record? Great shots too. I feel like I could see it now.

Elizabeth said...

WOW! Awesome Clark! If only I could run like that! Congratulations!