Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday.

I have always known that I was blessed beyond measure to be born to the parents that I was.
They are practically perfect in their love of me, my siblings, my children and all those that they come in contact with.

This is my dad at 6 months. I have always loved this picture.

As a little girl I would go down to my grandparent's master bedroom and study all the little family snapshots, but especially the portraits that Grandma had done of each of her six children at this age. It left an impression, becuase I did the same with each of my own babies.
I think this is high school graduation...
When my girls first saw this picture they said, "Dang, Grandpa was HOT when he was younger!"

A favorite past time of Grandpa's. If only there was more time...

This is with Cassidy and Bennett, nine years ago, when Cassidy was 5 and Bennett 2.
Bennett has inherited his Grandpa's love of fishing, thus Bennett's recent birthday gift of a fishing pole of his very own!

At Disneyland with several of the grandkids...

and today...tirelessly working and serving with his favorite companion!
We love you, Dad, and are so grateful for your example of love, service, hard work and testimony to each of us! We are so blessed to live near you and to not only see your example daily, but feel it, too!
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clark family said...

We agree 100% and are grateful that he is our Dad and Grandfather! Love the pictures you chose!

Unknown said...

No way! Your dad's baby picture looks so much like your babies! It's amazing!