Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day celebrating the wonderful men in our lives!

We visited Great Grandpa Breinholt.
He totally remembered Curt, but not the rest of us!

 We took him a "Creamy", which he loved and devoured in no time!

 Grandpa can't hear and won't wear hearing aids,
so Curt sat right next to him and yelled in his ear!

Curt asked him several questions, to see what he remembered...
He used to sell cars at Coulter Cadillac
The most he sold in one month was 27 cars
He knew that he was turning 93 on July 3rd
He told us the story of when he was riding his bike with a bushel of peaches in the front basket.
Something got caught in the spokes of his tire, and he and the peaches went flying.
He said he made Peach Jam!

 Curt showing Grandpa his Father's Day Gift.
The traditional photo tie with a picture of the kids on it.

 We sure love this Grandpa of ours and feel so blessed that our children know him.
Pretty remarkable that Landon has met his Great - Great Grandpa!

 Love these men of mine!
Bennett is sporting the Father's Day gift that he gave to Curt.

We enjoyed dinner at ET & Kristin's.
All the awesome Dad's in the family!
(We missed David who was in San Diego, so Cash stood proxy for him!)
Grandpa Clark, Brett, Sean, Curt, E.T. and Cash


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