Monday, June 18, 2012

She's On Her Way!

 The day had finally arrived to take Cassidy to BYU for the summer.
We left Thursday morning right on schedule, 
but it wasn't long before we knew we were in for an adventure.
Long story short, as we approached Black Canyon City,
Curt decided we needed to turn around because the car was acting up.
We called for ET to meet us in Scottsdale with his Suburban, 
and two miles before our designated meeting place, the car was done.
We limped off the freeway and Curt called the tow truck.
ET came to meet us and by the time we unpacked our Suburban,
and repacked it into the Clark's suburban, Mike arrived with the tow truck.
A few minutes later we were back on the road
 and ET was taking a ride in the tow truck back to Mesa.
We lost a couple of hours, but it all worked out so smoothly in the end. 

 Friday morning the girls were off to New Student Orientation.
They met a couple of their room mates (girls from Oregon, California, North Carolina and Utah),
bought their books, and got their ID cards.

 Five o'clock finally rolled around and they were able to get the key to their dorm room...
The New Heritage dorms, Hall #27, Room #1104
They were so excited!

 We spent a few hours helping them unpack, organize their clothes, and make their beds.
The dorms are so nice, new and clean!

 Cassidy's closet and desk area in her bedroom

 The Family Room
(where "Salsa Sunday" was held and according to good report was a success!)

 one of two bathrooms

the kitchen-complete with a dishwasher and microwave

 Kristin saying good-bye to Katie

 our cute college girl

A kiss for luck and she's on her way!

We miss her like crazy and it just isn't the same around here, 
but we are so excited for her and all the fun new people she will meet.

School starts tomorrow...History of Creativity and Psychology.

Can hardly wait to hear all about it!
Don't have too much fun without us, Cass!

We love and miss you!

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