Friday, March 11, 2011

Crown Cassidy Brown

Cassidy ran for Mountain View's 2012 Senior Class President.
She followed in the footsteps of Grandpa Clark, Tia, Aunt JuDene and Aunt Jen as previous Senior Class Presidents.
She and Curt were at the school at 5:45am on the first day of campaigning to strategically place her biggest poster. 
They beat the competition there by 15 minutes!

Each day she wore a different colored neon T-shirt with her campaign slogan.
Cassidy worked so hard making posters, flyers and introducing herself to  fellow classmates at lunch.
There were three candidates running....and CASSIDY WON!

Thanks to all those that helped...especially these two!
Congrats to Katie for being elected SB VP!
It's going to be a great year!

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Unknown said...

Another Brown Class President!! You guys all know where to come about class reunion advice right? We just had our 30th last summer! I didn't just say that! It has NOT been 30 years! Anyway You'll be great Cassidy!