Friday, December 17, 2010


Bennett turned 13 on December 6th!
My baby is a teenager!
He wanted to take some of his friends
 to Jamba Juice before school.
Sophie, Wilson, Hunter, Carson and Bennett

Haley turned 18 on December 10th.
We now have more legal adults in the house than children!
We served 9 feet of subsandwiches, chips and scotcheroos
to this fun bunch and not a drop was left!

Tia turned 21 on December 12th.
We have given up on getting a picture of her with her eyes OPEN!
(She swears it is the way my camera flashes)
Her birthday was on a Sunday, so we had the meal of her choice...
pork roast, twice baked potatoes, rolls,
roasted veggies and cheesecake.

I also celebrated my birthday on the 17th.
Curt took me to lunch, I ate left over cheesecake
 and loved the flowers
that were a wonderful surprise from Curt.

No pictures of the old folks!

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