Sunday, April 25, 2010


Haley had a blast at Prom last night!
It is so fun to get all glammed up for a night with friends!
For a girl that isn't too frilly, she sure cleans up well!

A huge "thank you" to Kimberly for loaning Haley a dress.
It is quite a chore to find a modest prom dress,
and after several shopping trips,
and a purchase online that didn't fit,
we were saved by the offer to try one of Kimberly's dresses.
It was perfect and Haley loved it!

(I loved her cute ring!)

The big gold bow was adorable...

We loved having all the support as Haley waited to be picked up.

It was a bit of dejavu for these two...
We were so glad to have Kimberly back home
after her first year at BYU.

My three favorite girls!!!!
Cassidy was off with a group of friends to work at Prom.
It was a great initiation into Student Council.
Tia spent the evening with her girlfriends celebrating
BFF McKenzie's
upcoming wedding in two weeks!

We love this girl!

The most awkward part of the night, but we managed to get
the boutonniere to stay on long enough for the pictures!

Alex gave Haley the most beautiful corsage!

The cute couple!
The night's activities included:
A yummy dinner at a friend's house,
tons of pictures,
prom royalty announced,
(Haley was nominated for Prom Princess,
but was not the lucky winner...
isn't it just an honor to be nominated?!)
and entertainment by a professional magician.

It was such a great night and Haley had a wonderful time!


Barbie said...

Haley, you look absolutely stunning. I love the dress. I thought finding a tie has been hard, but I am not looking forward to dressing 4 girls for dances.

Ruthann said...

Haley you look beautiful! The dress is perfect too!

Matthew said...

You looked lovely Haley!

Unknown said...

Gorgeious girl! Loved the dress too!