Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Dream Come True

Haley has talked about running for Mountain View's
Student Body President for the past four years. 
After losing the election for Poston's President in 9th grade,
she was determined.
So...after a week of making posters,
practicing and taping her speech,
 introducing herself at lunch to the Sophomore tables,
and wearing her bright neon "Vote for Haley" T-shirt,
she emerged victorious today and her dream came true! 
We are so proud of her hard work and
know she will do a fabulous job next year as President. 
 Also, a huge "good job" to Emma for a hard fought race!

And, as if that isn't enough...
Cassidy ran unopposed for Student Body Recording Secretary
(no posters=no pictures)
and Katie ran unopposed for Junior Vice-President!
Girl Power!!!!!

They are going to have a ton of fun next year in Stu Co
as sisters and cousins
and with friends Maddy, Morgan, Nick, Cami, and Emmy!

Go Toros!


Ruthann said...

Congrats to all you Toro girls! I guess I get to call Haley Ms. Pres now :)

Jen Olson Brown said...

That's so awesome!! Hayley's speech sounded so convincing. I wish I could have voted for her! I love you guys! I'm so glad Nick has such great friends and it sounds like Stuco will be a blast next year! Go Hayley!!

Unknown said...

Awesome Haley! We're so proud of you! We got the text when we were up seeing Skye and were glad to hear! You'll be great!