Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bailey's Baby Shower

Tia hosted a baby shower for Bailey in anticipation of the upcoming arrival of baby Monson.
Bailey has been a wonderful friend to Tia and so Tia wanted to make this an extra special night for Bailey.
Tia added so many personal touches to the night and everything looked so cute.

The shower was a cowboy them and Tia made this
adorable diaper cake.
 After purchasing the diapers, she came home
 from the store and said,
"Holy cow, how come no one ever told me how
expensive diapers are?"
 Everything is a learning experience!

She also made this adorable framed name for the new baby.

Bailey, with Mom Missie, opening up some very fun gifts...

Bailey and Tia...wonderful friends and wanna-be sisters!


Suz said...

I might have to copy this idea one day. SOOO SOOO CUTE! We will get Tia into coupons when her baby arrives... Nobody should have to pay full price for diapers... Seriously- one could break the bank there!

Ruthann said...

Okay, I really need Tia to spend a week with me and get me in the crafting mode. What talent she has!