Friday, November 13, 2009

Sweet 16

Since the day this baby graced our family, she has been sweet!

I unabashedly tell my other children that SHE was the best baby ever. Arriving 11 months after her older sister, I needed not just a good baby, but an almost perfect one, and she exceeded my needs and wishes. Rarely crying, always smiling and in love with her pacifier, she made my life easy!

Cassidy has passed some important milestones this past year...

Just a couple of weeks ago, completely on her own, she made the necessary arrangements to receive her patriarchal blessing from her Grandpa Clark. It was a special day and one we will all cherish.

She also received her long awaited pearl necklace from Grandpa & Grandma in honor of her 16th birthday.

She passed her driver's training with flying colors from Sergant Koozer!

And today, as I held my breath and watched her park and drive...she got her driver's license!!!!
Cassidy, you have made my life sweet and I couldn't love you more!
Happy, Happy Birthday!


Ruthann said...

Happy Birthday Cassidy! We love you!

Suz said...

ahhhh.... it is so true. She is absolutely wonderful in every way! Lucky you.