Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kids with Class!

Can't believe summer is over, I'm home alone and all my kids are starting another year of school! Bennett, my baby, is in 6th grade! Although I hate to see him grow up, I am ready to be done with elementary school.

Brooke and Bennett on their way to school. This is the first year we have ever let any of the kids ride their bikes and Bennett was beyond excited to have that freedom.

Clark, of all the kids, has grown the most this past year. So crazy to think he is in 8th grade.

Cassidy is a big Sophomore. After having numerous nightmares about not being able to find her classes, walking her schedule twice, arming herself with her schedule and school map, I was feeling pretty confident that she would be just fine. A half hour before leaving she announced she was ready to throw up. Come to find out she didn't love my favorite Oatmeal Pancakes that I made for breakfast! Hope she likes her sack lunch!

No worries here...Haley has been up at the school all week working on Student Council stuff and loving every minute of it. She even made my day by calling me at lunch to report that she was having a blast, loving her classes and wanting my approval for her upcoming weekend plans. Can't believe she is a junior and almost half-way through her high school experience.

Man, I love these girls! And by the way...why didn't I look this cute in high school?

Showing their school pride! Go Toros! Haley was more than willing to be the Mt. View chauffeur this year. She is one lucky girl to be able to drive "Bill". (Thanks G & G Clark for entrusting her with a family relic!)

The carpool...Haley, Katie, Cassidy, Taylor
The cookies are baking and I can't wait to hear all about everybody's day!
Hurry home!


Ruthann said...

They all look so cute! I can't believe how grown up all the kids are--but we still look the same, right?! Thanks for sharing!

clark family said...

We love having Haley do the MV carpool! Thank you for all you do!

Jen Olson Brown said...

Are my little girls really growing up that big! I was only a year older than Hayley when I met the Brown fam as Carson's date. Now, they are all catching up, and I'm withering with the rest of them. That's life.

Unknown said...

First day of school! Awww! Love it! Hope your computer gets working again soon, so you can catch us up! Love to read your blogs on those rare occasions I can. Love your mom and dad too. Tell them they have been the best for our temple, and thanks for all their service!