Monday, September 9, 2013

Breinholt Cousin Reunion

The 1st Annual Breinholt Cousin Reunion 
was held August 22-24 in Show Low.
Curt's cousin Roy, and wife Kelly, generously opened up their beautiful cabin
and hosted the 60+ family members.

How could you not have fun at a place like this?

 If you got tired of being inside, there was tons to do outside...
Sand volleyball court that stayed lit until the wee morning hours
with some of the most competitive volleyball you would ever want to see!

Toys, toys and more toys!


 A 65 foot high zip line

 Don't you love the shoes?
Chalon is the only person I know that could pull this off on a zip line!

Carson and Jen

Davey and Chuck

Devon and Uncle Frank, 
who was the clear loser in "Strip Ping Pong"!

A wonderful fireside where we reminisced about 
Jerry and Carol,
Grandpa Chuck
Grandma Francis Owens Breinholt

A highlight was seeing the bear that Curt and Roy shot
when they were 15 years old!
We've heard the story many times and it was fun to see it proudly displayed in 
Uncle Lee and Aunt Glenna's cabin.

Some of the awesome people we get to call Family!
 Traci, Brian A., Brian T., Becky, Travis

 Cindy, Aunt Glenna, Celeste

 Stacy, Curt, Aunt Debbie, Krista, Frankie, Todd, Tyson

 Tiffany, Traci, Brian A.

 Todd and Marianne

 Uncle Lee

 Tami and Charisse

 Chalon, Allison, Becky

 Mel and  Grandma Charlene

 Jen, Cindy, JuDene

Me and my love!

The First Generation...the crazies that started it all!
Lee and Glenna, Charlene and Mel, Jackie and Dave, Frank and Debbie

The Second Generation...Breinholt Cousins!
Pretty  remarkable that only 10 of the cousins were missing!

Rumor has it that we will be doing this again next year!
Mark your calendars for August 2014!